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How do I add employees to my company account?

You will need to provide the company username to any employee that wants to sign up for an account and connect to your company hours.

The employee needs to register for an account and choose "Employee" from the drop down menu (not individual or company). They then fill in the information requested and enter the company username. Once their account is set up, you or the company contact person will be sent an e-mail requesting that you add the person to the company account.

Once you have approved the new employee they can then test from within their 'own' (employee) account and draw from company hours.

The company account is only a repository of hours and records. Testing cannot occur within the company account.

Quantum must maintain separate records on each licensee when it comes to their testing, therefore, they must register for their own secure account.

You will still have access to all of their records from within the company account. The company account allows you to delete employees, approve employees, download their certificates, and add CE hours.

Quantum has several company discount plans. The company page also gives step-by-step instructions on how the company and employee accounts work.