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How does the testing work?


It is all 'self-paced' learning. You will print up the exam first (by clicking on the green "Print Exam" button, and then read the material at your own pace, marking the correct answers as you read. Once you have the questions answered you log into your account and take the 'official' test in our online testing center (by clicking on the orange "Take Test" button) - which is just a transfer of your answers from the printed exam.

You are limited to 6 chances to pass a test for a single course with a 70% or better and all testing is free. Once you pass, your CEs will be placed in your unpaid CEs folder. You pay only for the certificate of completion. Once payment is made you may immediately print the certificate.

Please take note that our system will charge for each passing exam, but, you can always delete the extra exams from your shopping cart before submitting payment.